Dalton 1015

Dalton 1015 is a solo project blending folk, garage-rock, and indie influences. 2 Eps recorded alone in a student room are the results of a lonesome boredom and a global pandemic. To be seen live soon in Warsaw and its surroundings.

She, Cloud (1st EP, 2019) : “She, Cloud” is the first EP of Dalton 1015. Recorded alone in a small flat, it is a first attempt for its composer to blend songwriting and garage music. It deals with the difficulties of distance relationship, and the feeling of loneliness it confers, as well as the fleeting joy of gathering”.

A Little Piece of Quarantine (2nd EP, 2020) : “The title is pretty self-explanatory. Dalton is literally sharing a little piece of his quarantine with us. A time out bringing doubts, fear, and a bunch of negative emotion, but also enabling to take a break and dream. We follow chronologically Dalton’s emotions through the lockdown, first joking about it but then plunging progessively into the misery of those times”

I also composed the music for the Utule Thule youtube channel, that you can find here.


ArstyDumpster is my new Twitch channel on which I stream different type of contents. Two to four times a month, I compose a song or piece of music, starting from one or multiple constraints. Every first Sunday of the month, I play an acoustic live show of about an hour to go with your coffee or your brunch.